Owning It by Leah Marie Brown


Title: Owning It

Series: It Girls #4

Author: Leah Marie Brown

Release Date: May 2nd 2017

Pages: 287

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance





The chance of a lifetime . . . or just another bad decision?

Delaney Lavender Brooks needs to grow up. At least, according to her parents. After getting evicted from her apartment and wrecking her car, Laney is almost ready to trade in her paintbrushes and surrender to a more sensible 9-to-5 existence. Almost. Until she’s awarded an internship at a prestigious art gallery in Paris. What else can the free-spirited artist do but follow her dreams? Even if her latest attempt at chasing rainbows might cost her a real future . . .

Once in the city of lights, Laney is almost undone by the glaring truth: maybe she isn’t sophisticated or talented enough to make it as an artist—or an independent woman, for that matter. And when she’s hotly pursued by a seductive Frenchman, she has to wonder if she’s about to be a fool for love, too. Soon Laney’s greatest challenge is not proving herself to her parents, but having the courage to live the life—and love—of her dreams…



When Laney got evicted and wrecked her car, she moved back to her parent’s place. Her parents  want Laney to fly out of the nest and not depend on them so much, therefore they give her few weeks to find a job and move out. Laney loves art and when she gets accepted as an intern in Paris, she is over the moon happy. Paris does good to Laney, she gets to do what she loves, makes new friends and meet her boyfriend. Life in Paris makes Laney independent and her parents are proud of her, but as the internship is only temporary, how will it all turn out eventually?

I loved the setting in Paris, it really felt like I was there myself. I found Laney a bit juvenile at first, but within the story she grew as a person and became an independent woman. The gem of the book was Gabriel, he was just magnificent. I really enjoyed Laney’s journey throughout the book and I finished reading the book with a smile on my face.

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