Cloudy with a Chance of Love by Fiona Collins


Title: Cloudy with a Chance of Love

Author: Fiona Collins

Release Date: July 21st 2016

Pages: 384

Genre: Chick Lit


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Every cloud has a silver lining when it comes to love…

Daryl Williams never minded the fact that she had a big bottom. It’s always been behind her. In fact, it was one of the things that her husband loved about her. Until he ran off with her best friend, Gabby.

Daryl knows that she needs to get back in the dating game, she just doesn’t know how. So when her colleague suggests taking a fortune forecast, she reluctantly agrees. And it looks like Daryl’s luck is in, by Friday she has a 99% chance of falling in love!

Only, even when it’s written in the stars, finding the one after the one is never easy…



Daryl’s husband left her and he didn’t just leave her, but he left with her best friend. Daryl lost two important people at once, but now it’s time to move on. After a night out, she throws her wedding ring in a fountain and her friend Sam suggest that they could take a fortune forecast. They both got good news, especially Daryl, who was predicted to fall in love by Friday and the chance is as high as 99 %. To help the fate a little bit, Sam invites Daryl along to speed dating. The speed dating offers several opportunities, but the best man seems to live much closer-Daryl’s neighbor Will. Daryl and Will are both hesitant in the dating game, will the fortune forecast come true?

It was the first book by the author, but I truly liked the writing style and the characters were realistic and easy to relate to. There was so much humor in it and I especially loved the speed dating moments. It’s a great book filled with humor, romance and importance of friends. I am definitely looking forward to read more by the author.


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