If The Dress Fits by Daisy James


Title: If The Dress Fits

Author: Daisy James

Release Date: May 12th 2016

Pages: 384

Genre: Chick Lit, Romance


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She might be the most famous person in the country…but no one knows her name!

Celebrity actress Lilac Verbois is holding a competition to design her dress for the Wedding of the Year…and Callie’s exquisite, glittering silk gown has been shortlisted. But just as all her dreams are coming true, disaster strikes and she rushes home – forgetting to submit the forms!

Years ago, when Callie left sleepy Althorpe for the bright lights of London, she never expected to return. And there’s one man in particular she’d hoped never to see again, Theo, the childhood-sweetheart-turned-rock-God who turned her life upside down. But now she’s back, she realises it’s finally time to stop running…and face her past.

Yet, little does Callie know, Lilac Verbois has begun a Cinderella-like hunt for that perfect, pearl-embroidered wedding dress, mysteriously submitted without a name…



Callie is a successful wedding dress designer, who also owns a boutique. She moved from Yorkshire to London about three years ago, after she broke up with her boyfriend, who was and still is a famous rock star. She decided to pursue her dreams and work instead of finding a new love. A famous actress Lilac Verbois, who is getting married and to find a wedding dress she started to competition. Callie’s dress is shortlisted in the competition and she hopes to win it. When a family emergency occurs, Callie goes back to Yorkshire. Due to a misfortune, Callie’s dress goes out without properly filled paperwork and while she is dealing with family issues, there’s a hunt for the owner of the competition winner, who is Callie! Back her hometown, Callie meets her old friends, acquaintances and also her first love Theo. She really likes being back at home, but also misses her new life in London. She has to make a decision where her heart really is and if her and Theo’s love can have another chance.

It was a pleasant and sweet romance, where the plot revolved around crafting and also baking a little bit. I was easily able to imagine the beautiful things the women made and also the delicious sweets that were an important part of the ladies’ evenings and the wedding of the year.


2 thoughts on “If The Dress Fits by Daisy James

  1. Thanks so much for your lovely review, Liina. I’m really pleased you enjoyed If The Dress Fits… It certainly was fun to write! Daisy 🙂


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