Life Swap by Carol E. Wyer


Title: Life Swap

Author: Carol E. Wyer

Release Date: April 22nd 2016

Pages: 285

Genre: Chick Lit, Humor


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Take a chance on a new life and maybe you’ll find your happy ever after. Because true love is always worth the risk…

Handsome prince, beautiful house, fabulous job? Polly has none of these. All she has to her name is a string of failed relationships and she’s up to her ears in debt. She sees herself as a hopeless case and would do anything to change her luck.

Simon is approaching the big 50. He’s off his game at work, his kids don’t seem to notice he exists and his wife seems to think he’s made of money. As for sex …what’s that?

So when the opportunity comes for both of them to swap their lives for a life of luxury, they jump at the chance. For Simon a life of helicopters, fast cars and hot babes beckons. For Polly, it’s all diamonds, spa days and celebrity parties. What more could they want?

Trouble is, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Is life in the fast lane more than either of them can cope with?



Simon and Polly both have difficulties in their lives, their lives are very different, but the main issue is very similar. Polly is in debt and she hasn’t gotten over her ex-boyfriend, who didn’t actually treat her right. Simon is also having troubles with money and his life at home seems to get worse and worse, when his family doesn’t appreciate him as much as he deserves. When everything seemed to get from bad to worse, Polly and Simon get a chance to swap their lives with somebody whose life they fancy. They are happy to get a chance like that, but when they meet with the reality, their perspectives start to change. Is living somebody else’s life really better than you own life with the people you truly care about?

It was a really fun read. I liked all the characters and how the story developed, also how the ending offered a nice surprise, which I did not see coming. I really liked the lesson in the story, about the well known saying-the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. No matter how perfect somebody’s life may seem, even they have their worries and problems maybe even bigger than we can ever imagine. In conclusion, it was a funny and entertaining story.


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