The Mince Pie Mix-Up by Jennifer Joyce


Title: The Mince Pie Mix-Up

Author: Jennifer Joyce

Release Date: November 6th 2015

Pages: 189

Genre: Chick Lit, Christmas


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Rating: starfishstarfishstarfishstarfishstarfish


‘I wish I could live your life. I’d happily swap lives with you.’

’Tis the season to be jolly but for Calvin and Judy the usual festive bickering has already begun! Judy’s convinced that her husband has it easy – no glittery wrapping paper, no playground gossip and absolutely no Christmas baking.

Calvin wishes he could trade in his obnoxious boss and dull nine-to-five job to spend more time kicking back with his kids – how hard can Judy’s life really be?

But after a magical mince pie mix-up, one thing’s for certain – by Christmas Day, life for Judy and Calvin will never be the same again. Perhaps the grass isn’t always greener after all…



Judy and Calvin are happily married with children, but they tend to think that their partner has an easier life and when one evening about two weeks before Christmas they start bickering about it. They wish they could switch their lives without knowing their wish comes true the very next morning. Judy and Calvin have to get use to having a new body, which isn’t easy at first, they tend to forget how to act or what to say at times, but eventually get use it as much as it’s possible in such situation. The body swap gives them a dose of reality how they are seen by others people and how they misunderstand/underestimate each other or what they do or sometimes don’t do, instead of encouraging  or supporting them.

I really liked the story as it has so much truth to it. It brought out the simple truth that it’s so easy to underestimate each other, how we sometimes don’t value what we get or the opposite how less we actually do to make the loved ones feel special and loved and get stuck in things that shouldn’t take so much of our time. It’s important to make sure what your priorities are and what you can do to accustom to the life that you really want to live.



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