Can’t Get Enough by Molly McLain


Title: Can’t Get Enough

Series: River Bend #2

Author: Molly McLain

Release Date: November 24th 2014

Publisher: Molly McLain Books, LLC

Pages: 227

Genre: Romance, Contemporary

Blurb: When life gives you lemons, find a former Marine with sexy abs to lick the lemonade from…

Tony Dunn’s panty-snatching bachelor life has been turned upside down–he now has custody of a daughter he didn’t even know he fathered. With his focus solely on doing right by his little girl, the last thing he needs is a sexy, totally distracting blonde showing up on his doorstep.

Nicole Hodges is in River Bend temporarily, to handle her grandmother’s estate and get the heck out of Dodge before her past catches up with her. Only problem is…she likes the quiet little town more than she expects, and she can’t resist overextending herself to help her built-like-a-bad-boy neighbor get his life back on track.

Tony and Nicole have different goals in mind, none of which include a relationship. But what harm could come from a little fun–the naked kind–if they both know the rules up front?


It’s the second book in River Bend series, but the first book for me to read. The blurb made me want to read this book, and I really did enjoy it, it was a fantastic read.

Nicole went back to River Bend to handle her grandmother’s estate, at the same time Tony had realized that he is a father and has to take care of her little daughter, since her mother is in prison.

Nicole needed a job, and Tony needed a new babysitter, that was what brought them together, even though they had met once previously, and since that moment they didn’t forget about one another.

Tony is a wonderful father, he does everything to protect her and takes a good care of her. Nicole is a caring and wise woman, whose past is still following her, but eventually everything works out the best way possible.

In a nutshell it was a wonderful book with right amount of love, mild suspense and drama.


Rating: Coffee cup with steam vector graphicCoffee cup with steam vector graphicCoffee cup with steam vector graphicCoffee cup with steam vector graphic


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