Snowbound in Montana by C.J. Carmichael


Title: Snowbound in Montana

Author: C.J.Carmichael

Release Date: : October 23rd 2014

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Pages: 115

Genre: Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5

Blurb: When Eliza Bramble signs up for a Christmas mountain ski adventure with sexy mountain guide Marshal McKenzie, she’s looking to escape the attention of a two-timing charmer and find some inner peace. Instead, a blizzard traps her in a remote mountain hideaway with Marshall and two other families in need of their own Christmas miracles.

Christmas is looking like a write-off, until Marshall suggests they make the best of what they have, and work together. The avid outdoorsman has a special touch with people…and with Eliza in particular. Soon she realizes Marshall isn’t just fixing Christmas — but her broken heart, too.


It is a heart warming book, which takes you on a snowy adventure. I liked the blurb and the book didn’t disappoint me, it was an amazing read.

Eliza Bramble signs up for a ski trip to escape from her ex boyfriend who was suppose to show up at  Bramble House Bed & Breakfast at Christmas. There’s a group of people going on a ski trip together, it was suppose to be a nice vacation, but unexpected blizzard turns everything upside down. Due to the blizzard they are trapped inside and their supplies are running out as days pass by without the storm subsiding. Marshal McKenzie is a real sweet-heart, he stays calm and knows exactly what to do, even when most of the people only know how to whine and complain. He is kind and has a heart of gold, who wouldn’t like a man like him?

I really liked the cozy wintry feeling inside the cabin, even though there was a lot of complaining by the vacationers, it was nicely balanced with the happily shared moments later on.


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